Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. They have so many benefits over the conventional vehicles which makes them a popular choice in the upcoming future. They are environment-friendly as they don’t promote air pollution and also reduce noise pollution. They are also very economical. But these qualities of electric vehicles are fully availed only when you buy them from a trusted brand which is adopting strict measures for economical production and adhere to the latest technology.

Sinotruk is one such brand which provides you a huge range of electric vehicles on relatively cheaper rates. We established our business in 1956 as a producer of advanced heavy-duty trucks and semi-trailers. But with the advancement in technology, we have also moved forward and now producing high-class electric vehicles also.

We understand the utility of electric vehicles and hence we are a large supplier of electric trucks all over China and other countries. Apart from all this, we also provide truck parts and semi-trailers. Our electric vehicles are highly reliable and have classy designs.

There are more than 20 models available for electric cars and 7 models for electric trucks. We have more than 160 different models available in semi-trailers and more than 100 types of Toyota and trucks parts.

Along with the number of products available in our brand, we don’t compromise with the quality of any of them. Our electric cars are highly comparable to international brands like Tesla and Audi and are much cheaper than them.


The world advantaged technology from MAN Germany!!!