Semi Trailer

A semi-trailer is a trailer without the front unit. It is like a trolley which has to be pulled by a tractor which is coupled in the front of it. It is majorly used in carrying weighty loads. It can have 6 to 10 tyres depending upon its size. Even some bigger semi-trailers may have more than 10 tyres.

Semi-trailers can be closed and formed in the shape of a box or can be as flat as a ramp. Since their length is also very long, several lengthy goods like pipes, railway tracks and logs can be transported using them. They can be easily coupled and decoupled in very less time.

There are different types of semi-trailers available in the market. Some of them are box trailers, refrigerated trailers, tank trailers, wing van trailers, live bottom trailers, flatbed trailer and many more. Each of them has unique application. Semi-trailers can also be used for the transportation of other vehicles. The class which is used for this purpose is generally called auto transportation trailer.

Sinotruk is a leading company in China which provides a huge variety of semi-trailers. Semi-trailers are available in different colors as well as different models. We mainly provide four types of semi-trailers and they are a flatbed trailer, low bed trailer, dump trailers, and tank trailers. We claim to have more than 150 different models and all of them are available at reasonable rates.

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