Electric Trucks

Trucks are widely used in the transportation of heavy goods. That is the reason why they have very less mileage and also the pollution produced by them is also very high. In order to control pollution, electric trucks are now being widely used for transportation purposes. They use a battery instead of fuel and hence cause no pollution.

Apart from pollution, the cost of running of electric trucks is also low because the cost of electricity used is lower as compared to the cost of petrol or diesel or gas which is used in conventional trucks. Due to their simple design, the cost of maintenance is also very low for electric trucks.

Conventional trucks also produce a lot of noise and you will feel very disturbed by their noise when you are moving on highways. This is not a problem with electric trucks. Their functioning is very quiet and hence noise pollution is also checked.

There are various types of electric trucks which are used for different purposes. Some of them are general purpose trucks, garbage trucks, pickup trucks, electric tractors, and milk float. Each of them is used in their specific domain.

Sinotruk is a reliable name in electric vehicle provider. We provide electric trucks at a cheap rate all over China and in other countries also. Mainly we produce pickup trucks but the non-electric model of almost every kind of truck can be found here.

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